Legal Aid Schemes

Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme

The Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme provides legal assistance to the "sandwich class" whose financial resources exceed the limit allowed under the Ordinary Legal Aid Scheme, but below a certain amount.

Under the Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme, legal aid is available to claims involving personal injuries or death, or medical, dental and legal professional negligence, where the claim is likely to exceed $60,000. It also covers claims brought under Employees’ Compensation Ordinance irrespective of the amount of the claim.

With effect from 30 November 2012, the Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme has been expanded to cover the following new types of cases where the claim is likely to exceed $60,000 :

  • professional negligence claims against certified public accountants (practising), registered architects, registered professional engineers, registered professional surveyors, registered professional planners, authorized land surveyors, registered landscape architects and estate agents;
  • negligence claims against insurers or their intermediaries in respect of the taking out of the personal insurance products; and
  • monetary claims against vendors in the sale of completed or uncompleted first-hand residential properties.
It also covers representation for employees in appeals against awards made by the Labour Tribunal irrespective of the amount in dispute.

Eligibility Criteria
Like Ordinary Legal Aid Scheme, you have to pass the means test and the merits test.

  • Means Test - You will be eligible if your financial resources exceed HK$307,130 but not HK$1,535,650.

    You can compute your financial resources by clicking here.

  • Merits Test - You need to show that you have reasonable grounds for taking proceedings.
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