Legal Aid Schemes


What is Legal Aid?
The Legal Aid Department provides legal representation to eligible applicants by a solicitor and, if necessary, a barrister in civil or criminal proceedings.

Legal aid is available, inter alia, to cases in the District Court, the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal. It is also available for committal proceedings in the Magistrates' Courts.

Any person, whether or not resident in Hong Kong, who is involved in the above court proceedings may apply for legal aid. Legal aid will be granted if the applicant is able to satisfy the statutory criteria as to the financial eligibility and the merits for taking or defending the legal proceedings.

We do not provide legal advice service to members of the public. For more information on how to seek legal advice in Hong Kong, you may view our publication on “How to apply - Legal Services”.

Legal Aid Services
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Legal Aid Services (English)
Legal Aid in Criminal Cases
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Legal Aid in Criminal Cases (English)

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