Case Progress Checklists

In order to standardize the procedures for reporting progress of assigned out cases, the Department has prepared checklists for several major types of legal aid cases, namely, divorce cases, employees' compensation claims, personal injury claims, contractual claims and judicial review cases for use by panel solicitors when conducting legally aided cases. The use of the checklists for reporting case progress was recommended by the Legal Aid Services Council and endorsed by the Ombudsman.

The intention is that panel solicitors shall use the checklists as reference to the steps to be taken in the proceedings and to provide a timeframe to ensure steady progress. More importantly, it serves as a reminder to report progress to the Director at key stages of the proceedings. The checklists should NOT be sent to the Director.

The use of checklists came into effect on 2 June 2008. Please note that the checklists can be downloaded from this website.

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