Office Temporary Relocation Notice
Information & Application Services Unit of Kowloon Branch Office for handling civil applications and enquiries is temporarily relocated from G/F to Room 403 of Mongkok Government Offices due to renovation works. All telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.
Revised interest rate on charge on property
The rate of interest on the Director’s First Charge registered on an aided person’s home under Section 18A (3A) of the Legal Aid Ordinance, Cap. 91 changed from 1.395% to 1.360% on 1 June 2014 in line with the provisions of the Legal Aid (Charge on Property) (Rate of Interest) Regulation. The new rate will apply from 1 June 2014 to 31 May 2015.
The Controlling Officer's Environmental Report 2013 of the Legal Aid Department has been issued. Please view it here.